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Ancient quarry (chest)

Starting from Vria, and after a difficult journey, crossing a mountain in every corner holds a surprise, the visitor arrives at the beginning of the path.

It has already become an intervention in this part of the municipality with tagging and paving of the original 30 measures with respect to the environment. Here's a trail, which was recently the environmental group Clean School resin has a special place and marking the site. The trail, approximately 800 meters, leads to a piece of mountain that consists solely of marble, which is now forbidden to use. There are huge carved marble slab and cylindrical, possibly used for the construction of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis of Athens. The reasonable and unanswered question is how these huge stone blocks were transported down to the port.

Despite efforts for economic exploitation of the quarry site has been identified archaeological site and no other commercial interference.



It is a small plateau at an altitude of 1700 meters, overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf and Mount Olympus, in a beautiful pine forest.

The most beautiful part of Greece, as the locals residents say, is chosen to be built at a height of 1680 m. the refuge. It has 90 beds, lounge, equipped kitchen, and everything else like a visitor who wants to learn the Pieria mountains.

For fans of the mountain there are small paths and a network of marked walking trails, forest roads for biking and climbing area 5-25 meters. Finally, one can easily get on the ski mountaineering to the ski center of Elatochori.

The area got its name from a young Sarakatsana died and buried there.


Waterfall Kremastos

One of the most beautiful and quite big waterfall situated in Pieria, in the path to Sarakatsana, but is not visible from the street and it is called "Kremastos". Experienced climbers know him and climbing out. Its feature is that at some point the water is lost through the waterfall to land and leaves the surface at some distance.


Waterfall "Rema Sotiri"

An incredible place that no one waits to confront and few know it. Following on from Nicholas well after 800 meters at the point where the road forms a large horseshoe is a small and steep uphill dirt road about 50 meters in length leading to the waterfall.


Monastery of St. George

Its foundation started before the invasion of the Turks. Before completion of the main temple, the head of a Turkish stopped the work and the people gave strong bachtsisi to enable them to continue. They were led, however, to build beneath the three steps, because they were enslaved. Also he put them and some other caveats. According to tradition, when the Bey went to check his work, the master builder was building on the edge of the cliff and the question of the bey if he fears, he said that Saint George guards him. Then Bey told him to drop the pan with water to the cliff and to help the Saint not to be broken. So he did. The pan did not only broke, but stood upright and not spill the water. Seeing the miracle, the Turkish left them to continue without any bother.

When the monastery finished, it was manned by monks. It was commanded by the Bishop of Petra. It owned 400 acres of arable land in Ritini and 300 in Moschopotamos. During its peak, it had sheep, goats, cattle and horses, most offerings of the faithful.

The monastery was plundered in the decade from 1950 to 1960 of two antiquities from Thessaliniki who, having removed four large and 12 small images, they were arrested, convicted and returned the stolen property. It became a second theft and removed several items including the Sanctuary, which was wooden and painted.

The monastery is situated in an excellent location overlooking the valley and the sea. Old trees around it forming a wonderful picture and brighten this hideaway of Pieria. The steep north and east side of the monastery and was never particularly projects that would protect the interior, where it built the small church of St. George. The cells are located only in southern and western sides of the enclosure. It is a church (basilica) with a wooden roof, which was repaired in the early 19th century. Inside, it is a whole Hagiographies. The first mural was made in 1494. Today, only two performances of 1494 are still there. The one depicting St. George on horseback to kill the dragon above the entrance door and the second St. Keramios impressed with the figure of Christ in the dome of the north wall of the sanctuary. The rest of the church has murals of 1619. An inscription on the south wall names a bishop of Petra, the Acacius and the abbot of the monastery of Dionysios.



The area got its name from the church namesakes. It is located approximately two kilometers from Ritini, beside the main road Ritini - Elatochori.

Before 1934 there was a rock and a smaller church which was demolished. In the rock, there was a picture of Holy Mary and there worked secretly the priests of Ritini at the invitation of the thieves and fighters, during the Turkish occupation.

Locals give to the "Palaiopanagia", as they call it, several miracles. Today, in a beautiful part of natural beauty, there is a new church, built from collections among the faithful, a stone fountain, benches, playground and elementary cafeteria which is rented by an individual and is open all over the year.

The access is easy. The scenery is beautiful and is offered for a stop from the visitors of Pieria and the ski center.